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Cuckold B&B, Vol 1: The Sharing Economy (ebook)

When Nico and Ryan put their spare bedroom on a short-stay accommodation site for gay men, they both tell themselves it's purely innocent way to make a bit of money and meet some new people.


But when their first guest arrives for the weekend, and he's a hot-as-hell farm boy visiting the city to let loose for a few days, neither of them can deny that they want something to happen.

Nico wants to get laid, while Ryan... well, he wants Nico to get laid too.


For some reason he can't understand, Ryan's more into the idea of seeing Nico with their houseguest than in participating himself. So when they finally decide to dive into their first "three-way", it's about to go pretty different to what Ryan's been expecting.

#gay #cuckold #threeway

Cuckold B&B, Vol 1: The Sharing Economy (ebook)

  • Ebook (.epub file)

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