Drenched In Gold

Updated: Sep 3

My latest short story Drenched In Gold is out now.

This is my fourth story, and my first short. It's something a little different to my normal writing; while my first three books were focused around cuckolding, this story is all about watersports (and by watersports I don't mean jetskiing!).

It's a story about a guy who takes a moment to sit down in a quiet corner at a party. At least he thinks it's a quiet story; he soon realises that he's sat himself down just a metre or so away from the spot that a bunch of guys have decided to use as a makeshift urinal. Before long he can't help himself from watching. And next thing he knows he's on his knees in the gutter getting drenched in the piss of a dozen or so strangers.

Right now it's available to buy direct from my website, and it should be available on Smashwords and other retailers (except Amazon) pretty soon.

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