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Drenched In Gold

A short gay watersports story, all about a guy who volunteers to get drenched in this piss of multiple men.

He was just sitting down to catch his breath. But he found himself watching, captivated, while a queue of men took turns taking a piss up against a wall in a quiet corner of a party. Before he knew it something's come over him, and now he's volunteering to let them unleash all over him.

#pissplay #watersports

Read a Sample

"I never expected it to feel like this. And I never expected it to make me so hard, so fast. I let go of my knees, unwrap my arms from around them. Stretch my legs out flat onto the ground wide in front of me. Letting him see the tent in my shorts. Showing him what he’s doing to me. And giving him more of me to aim at.

I feel warm, wet fabric clinging to my body. I look down the piss is hitting the fabric of my tank top and absorbing instantly, a growing patch of dark wet, clinging against my skin.

And then suddenly it’s over. I feel the last little rivulets trickle down my skin and absorb into the fabric of my clothes. And a final splash as he expels that last little jet. I look up at his cock and watch the golden droplets scatter into the night as he shakes off his cock. His cock is thicker than it was when he started; he enjoyed it too.

He stuffs his cock back into his jeans. I look up at his face. He’s grinning at me, in a way that’s kind of lecherous. His grin is telling me I’m dirty, and that he appreciates it."

$1.99 (USD)


Paperback zine
$4.99 (USD)

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