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I sometimes take on commissions. This page tells you more about what's involved.

As at late 2022 I currently don't have capacity to take on any commissions, but if you're not in any hurry I may be able to some time in 2023.


The cost depends on whether I retain the right to sell the book myself. That's because if I can sell it myself, I'll make money from sales in addition to what you pay for the commission. But if it's a private commission I can't sell, then the commission price has to fully cover all of the time I spend writing.


If I retain the rights to sell the book, then the cost for you is 2 cents per word. As an example, something that's 10,000 words (e.g., a short story like Cuckold B&B) would cost you about $200, while a whole novella of 35,000 words (something like Cole Got Cucked Hard) would cost more like $700. 


If I don't retain the rights (i.e., the story is for you and you alone, and I can't put it on my website for sale) the cost is 5 cents per word. That works out to about $500 for a 10,000 short story.

Either way it's a big investment, so you'll want to think seriously about what you want before you commit.

What you get at the end

The final product you receive is a document file. I can provide it as an ebook, PDF, word document or probably pretty much any file type you need. 

If I've retained the rights to sell the book myself, you'll get a copy that can't be shared (like a regular ebook) as other people will need to buy it from me. If we've agreed a private commission that I can't sell myself, the book is yours to share with friends if you want, however you can't sell it publicly yourself.

The proecess

My process for writing a commission can be a little flexible to meet your needs, and it can be iterative with plenty of conversations along the way. Here's how it works in general though:

Step 1:

You provide a general idea of what you want, in terms of:

  • Story length

  • Plot

  • Characters


I'll get back to you about how I think that could work, including:

  • A rough outline of the plot and length

  • An indication of whether there's anything you've asked for that I can't provide (eg, plot elements I'm not comfortable with or feel like I don't have the knowledge to write about)

  • An indication of the timeline

  • Questions about details you might want to consider in the story

  • Milestones (e.g., will I just give you a finished story, or will I give you chapters or sections along the way?)

Step 3:

We agree on the details. From this point onwards I'll make a start on writing and you'll be required to pay for what I write.


I'll send you a draft. As per step 2, this might be a full draft or it might be drafts of each chapter or section along the way, depending on what we agree. Depending what we've agreed, I might invoice you for payment for that particular section, or I might wait till later in the process.


You can provide comments on the draft, letting me know whether there's anything I've included that you don't really like, or anything I haven't included that you really want to see. 


I'll revise the story based on the comments you've provided. Generally I'd do this in one go for the entire story, rather than doing it on a a section-by-section basis, to make sure it's all consistent. Then I'll send you the updated story.


You can provide any final comments. In general at this point it should just be minor details, rather than whole extra sections, plot element or changes in direction.


I'll do a final proof-read and then send you a final version in the format(s) you've asked for. I'll then invoice you (either for the total or for anything outstanding if you've been paying as you go).


If I've retained the rights to sell the book myself, it will then go up on my website and be distributed to retailers for sale. I might make further changes before selling it, to make it more appealing for a wider audience or to remove any content that might prevent me from selling it through retailers.


If it sounds like something you'd like to discuss further, get in contact with me.

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