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Vol 3: Help Yourself

Ryan likes to watch his boyfriend Nicolas have sex with other men, but he's afraid to admit it - to himself and to the man he loves. So far he's managed to watch Nico with a couple of guys, but there's always a pretext that makes it seem like he didn't intend for it to turn out that way.

But now, finally, he's ready to take the plunge and reveal his cuckold kink to Nico. And he's ready to ask for what it is he really wants: to sit back and enjoy the show, without any opportunity to be involved himself.

It's the perfect time to come clean too. Ahmet, the latest guest staying in their spare room, is dominant and hot as hell, and he's got Nico thirsting. Maybe it's time for Ryan to come right out and tell him exactly what he wants him to do to his boyfriend.

#gay #cuckold #breeding


Vol 2: Breaking the House Rules

Nico and his boyfriend Ryan have a houseguest renting their spare bedroom for the weekend: a cute twink by the name of Levi, with a great body and a cocky attitude.


Levi's making it pretty clear from the outset that he wants some fun with Nico. Only problem is, Nico and Ryan have agreed that in their newly open relationship they'll only play together. And Levi just isn't into Ryan.

Nico wants to fuck Levi so bad he can barely contain it. The tension is palpable, and Nico's getting more tempted to break the rules and have his way with their houseguest every time Ryan leaves them alone together. Which is a lot. It's almost as if he wants something to happen...

A story about cheating, cuckolding, voyeurism, and discovering what you want.

#gay #cuckold #cheating


Vol 1: The Sharing Economy

When Nico and Ryan put their spare bedroom on a short-stay accommodation site for gay men, they both tell themselves it's purely innocent way to make a bit of money and meet some new people.


But when their first guest arrives for the weekend, and he's a hot-as-hell farm boy visiting the city to let loose for a few days, neither of them can deny that they want something to happen.

Nico wants to get laid, while Ryan... well, he wants Nico to get laid too.


For some reason he can't understand, Ryan's more into the idea of seeing Nico with their houseguest than in participating himself. So when they finally decide to dive into their first "three-way", it's about to go pretty different to what Ryan's been expecting.

#gay #cuckold #threeway

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