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Cole Got Cucked Hard

Cole's oblivious to the fact that his handsome boyfriend Kenneth is cheating on him. In fact Kenneth’s prolific, getting it on with most of their friends as well as just about every guy he comes across. 


Eventually Cole’s going to find out his boyfriend's been cheating on him, But when he finally catches him in the act, Cole's surprised to find that his own reaction is not what he'd expected. Turns out Cole is a total cuckold, he just doesn’t know it yet. Lucky for him, Kenneth’s going to help him find out all about his new kink.


Hear the story from both Cole and Kenneth's perspective, as Cole discovers and learns to embrace his new role as a cuckold by watching what his boyfriend gets up to with other men.

#gay #cuckold #cheating #humiliation


"One of the finest gay cuckold stories I've ever read... The characters in this story are wonderfully complex and it kept me on the edge of my seat (and something else) the entire time."  - Amazon review

"For a debut novel, this is an extraordinary achievement... If I could give this story more than five stars I would have given it that, but what I sincerely can say is that this book should not be missed. It is a must-read."​  - Rainbow Reviewss

"Seriously, if you’re into the cuck fetish/lifestyle, I promise you will get extremely turned-on by Cole Got Cucked Hard. The characters were well developed, the situations were realistic (very important to me), and the sex scenes were unbelievably hot. Do yourself a favor and buy this book immediately!"  - Amazon review

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While an unsuspecting Kenneth mingles at a party, Cole gets used by three of their friends in the upstairs bedroom. 

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​Cole watches as Kenneth gets it from two guys at a bathhouse. 

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