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Lockdown With My Husband's Bull

Nick's been getting cucked by his husband Joe and his personal trainer Scott for a while now. But when the city goes into lockdown from the latest wave of covid, Scott's gym work dries up and Nick and Joe let him come crash with them for a while. Before long Scott's acting like he owns the place and Nick's been kicked out of his own bedroom. 

This story is one of my more extreme ones. It's full of bullying, humiliation, a bit of BDSM, and a cuck that becomes a third-wheel while he watches the relationship grow between his husband and another man.

#gay #cuckold #BDSM #humiliation #domination

New Release


Vol 2: Breaking the House Rules

Nico and his boyfriend Ryan have a houseguest renting their spare bedroom for the weekend: a cute twink by the name of Levi, with a great body and a cocky attitude.


Levi's making it pretty clear from the outset that he wants some fun with Nico. Only problem is, Nico and Ryan have agreed that in their newly open relationship they'll only play together. And Levi just isn't into Ryan.

Nico wants to fuck Levi so bad he can barely contain it. The tension is palpable, and Nico's getting more tempted to break the rules and have his way with their houseguest every time Ryan leaves them alone together. Which is a lot. It's almost as if he wants something to happen...

A story about cheating, cuckolding, voyeurism, and discovering what you want.

#gay #cuckold #cheating

Cole Got Cucked Hard

Sometimes seeing your boyfriend get fucked by another man can be pretty hard. And sometimes it can get you pretty hard too.

Cole's oblivious to the fact that his boyfriend Kenneth is cheating on him. In fact Kenneth’s prolific, getting it on with most of their mutual friends as well as just about every guy he comes across. 

Kenneth knows he’s going to get caught out eventually. But truth be told, he’s kind of looking forward to it. 

That’s because Cole is a total cuckold, he just doesn’t realise it yet. Lucky for him, Kenneth’s going to help him explore his new kink by throwing him in the deep end.

Hear the story from both Cole and Kenneth's perspective as Cole explores his new role as a cuckold by seeing first-hand how much of a slut his boyfriend really is.

#gay  #cuckold  #cheating  #group sex

"One of the finest gay cuckold stories I've ever read... The characters in this story are wonderfully complex and it kept me on the edge of my seat (and something else) the entire time."  - Amazon review

"For a debut novel, this is an extraordinary achievement... If I could give this story more than five stars I would have given it that, but what I sincerely can say is that this book should not be missed. It is a must-read."​  - Rainbow Reviewss

"Seriously, if you’re into the cuck fetish/lifestyle, I promise you will get extremely turned-on by Cole Got Cucked Hard. The characters were well developed, the situations were realistic (very important to me), and the sex scenes were unbelievably hot. Do yourself a favor and buy this book immediately!"  - Amazon review


A Gay Cuckold Wedding Story

Ever wondered what it would be like to be cuckolded at your own wedding?

Simon and Josh are engaged, and Simon's over the moon about it. Josh is the perfect guy: hot as hell, fun, and more than happy to meet up with other guys for random sexual encounters to indulge Simon's cuckold kink.

Josh's latest hook-up Brian is taking things to a new level though. He's total bull material; he doesn't just enjoy the sex, he also gets off on dominating Simon, humiliating him and putting him in his place. And as the wedding gets closer his relationship with Josh just keeps getting more intense.


Simon might be the one who gets to put a wedding ring on Josh's finger, but when it comes to the bedroom it's Brian who's the best man for the job.

#gay  #cuckold  #domination #humiliation

"This book is so hot it might burn your fingers. Do these characters behave? No. Are they meant to be role models? Absolutely not (but who the heck is looking for that in genuine erotica?). Will this book keep you up at night if you're open-minded and want some harder, well-written fun? Absolutely." - Amazon review

"It's a really sexy read. Recommended to any gay men out there with cuckold fantasies."  - Amazon review

Cucked and Replaced

How A Rich Bull Claimed my Husband

Ever thought about what it would be like if your husband replaced you with another man who’s hotter, richer, more dominant, and better in bed?


Nick is a cuckold. His husband, Julian, has an endless sexual appetite. It's a perfect situation for both of them. Nick loves nothing more than to help facilitate casual sexual encounters for Julian, provided he sticks to three rules: no staying overnight, no going bare, and no getting into a relationship.


But when Nick drops his husband off at a wealthy hookup's mansion one evening, he doesn't realise that things are about to change completely.


Pretty soon Julian is completely head over heels for his new bull, and Nick's going to have to come to terms with watching from the sidelines as their relationship develops. It's a whole new level of intensity for Nick's cuckold fetish, full of angst and humiliation like you wouldn't believe.

#gay #cuckold #humiliation #domination

"The sex scenes are hot but what really sets this book apart is how Hornwood explores the headspace of a cuck. A lot of cuckolding is mental, not physical, and Hornwood captures that so well. I don't want to give anything away but the hottest scene in the book doesn't have any sex in it at all." - Amazon review

Drenched in Gold

A short gay watersports story about a guy who finds his calling as a pisspig at a party.

You're sitting down on the ground in a quiet corner to catch your breath and compose yourself as the drugs start to kick in. But you find yourself watching, captivated, while a queue of men take turns taking a piss up against a wall.


Before you know it something's come over you, and now you're volunteering to let them unleash all over you.

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#pissplay #watersports #drug use

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