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Cuckold B&B

Vol 1: The Sharing Economy

When Nico and Ryan put their spare bedroom on a short-stay accommodation site for gay men, they both tell themselves it's a platonic arrangement that's just about the money. But when their first guest arrives for the weekend, and he's a hot-as-hell farm boy visiting the city to let loose for a few days, neither of them can deny that they want something more to happen.


Nico wants to get laid, while Ryan... well, he wants Nico to get laid too. For some reason he can't understand, Ryan's more into the idea of seeing Nico with their houseguest than in participating himself. So when they finally decide to dive into their first "three-way", it's about to go pretty different to what Ryan's been expecting.

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Best Man

A Gay Cuckold Wedding Story

Ever fantasised about being cuckolded on your wedding day? If you have then this book's for you.

Simon and Josh have just got engaged, and Simon's over the moon. Josh is the perfect guy: cute, fun, and more than happy to meet up with hot guys for random sexual encounters to indulge Simon's cuckold kink.

Josh's latest bull Brian is taking things to a new level though. He's hot, muscular, tough, and powerful. And he's total bull material; he doesn't just enjoy the sex, he also gets off on dominating Simon, humiliating him and putting him in his place. And the things he can do to Josh in bed... well, Simon just can't compete.

As the wedding day draws closer, Josh is becoming more smitten. And the cuckold-bull relationship between Simon and Brian keeps escalating to new levels and pushing Simon's boundaries. Simon might be the one who gets to put a wedding ring on Josh's finger, but when it comes to the bedroom it's Brian who's the best man for the job.

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#gay #cuckold #humiliation #domination #chastity

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Cole Got Cucked Hard

Cole's oblivious to the fact that his handsome boyfriend Kenneth is cheating on him. In fact Kenneth’s prolific, getting it on with most of their friends as well as just about every guy he comes across. 


Eventually Cole’s going to find out his boyfriend's been cheating on him, But when he finally catches him in the act, Cole's surprised to find that his own reaction is not what he'd expected. Turns out Cole is a total cuckold, he just doesn’t know it yet. Lucky for him, Kenneth’s going to help him find out all about his new kink.


Hear the story from both Cole and Kenneth's perspective, as Cole discovers and learns to embrace his new role as a cuckold by watching what his boyfriend gets up to with other men.

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#gay #cuckold #cheating #humiliation


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Cucked and Replaced

How a rich bull Claimed My Husband

Ever thought about what it would be like if your husband replaced you with another man who’s hotter, richer, more dominant, and better in bed?


Nick is a cuckold. His husband, Julian, has an endless sexual appetite. It's a perfect situation for both of them. Nick loves nothing more than to help facilitate casual sexual encounters for Julian, provided he sticks to three rules: no staying overnight, no going bare, and no getting into a relationship.


But when Nick drops his husband off at a wealthy hookup's mansion one evening, he doesn't realise that things are about to change completely.


Pretty soon Julian is completely head over heels for his new bull, and Nick's going to have to come to terms with watching from the sidelines as their relationship develops. It's a whole new level of intensity for Nick's cuckold fetish, full of angst and humiliation like you wouldn't believe.

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#gay #cuckold #humiliation #domination


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Drenched in Gold

A short gay watersports story about a guy who finds his calling as a pisspig at a party.

You're sitting down on the ground in a quiet corner to catch your breath and compose yourself as the drugs start to kick in. But you find yourself watching, captivated, while a queue of men take turns taking a piss up against a wall.


Before you know it something's come over you, and now you're volunteering to let them unleash all over you.

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#pissplay #watersports #drug use

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