Gay erotica

Cole Got Cucked Hard

Cole finds out his boyfriend is a cock-hungry slut who's cheating on him with multiple guys. But the discovery awakens something unexpected for Cole, and his sex life will never be the same.


Best Man 

Simon and Josh have just got engaged, but things are getting serious between Josh and his new bull. Simon's in for a humiliating ride as they get closer to their wedding day.

Look our for this book in mid 2020!

Image by christian buehner

More to come!

I'm always working on new ideas for short stories and novellas. Follow me or sign up for updates, so you know what's in the pipeline and when you can expect to read the latest new offerings.

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I'm Jack Hornwood: writer, queer, occasional kinkster, degenerate. Thanks for checking out my site, and for (hopefully) reading my writing.


For me, writing erotica started off as a way to practice my writing, and to explore some of my kinks and sexual fantasies in a way that I couldn't necessarily do in real life. Over time, through my tumblr I've come across people who share some of the same kinks I do, so I figured maybe there are some people out there who'd appreciate it if I shared my writing with them.

My writing so far focuses on cuckolding, humiliation, dom/sub relationships and other kinds of kink. Right now I'm just starting out, and I'm still learning. I really hope you like my work - and if you think it's lacking polish but has promise, then please bear with me while I improve my craft.


© 2019 Jack Hornwood

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